27 February 2009

entry yg panjang

pjg jugak r. klau penat benti je keh. huuu..

Menda2 ni sume kita dah tau kot.. tp aku manusia biasa yg selalu lupa.. so peringatan utk aku sendiri dan kwn2 sume.. hehe..

Alhamdulillah aku dilahirkan sebagai wanita.. tp wanita je tk ckup.. bertuah nya wanita yg jd isteri and ibu ni.. free-free je Allah bg pahala.. pemurah nya tuhan kt kaum hawa ni eh.. tp still kaum hawa jgk yg byk dlm neraka.. hurm.. aku pn tkde r baik.. selalu nye kite ni tk prasaan terbuat dosa yg kecik2 ni.. tu kire lupe ke lalai ke tk kesah ngn dosa ke cane eh? benda kecik.. sbb tu kite tk prasan.. aku hari2 kot merungut dgn jem.. mcm tk ikhlas je g keje.. huhu.. keje plk mcm tk keje.. takut plk duit gaji tu tk berkat.. tp bos aku kate keje dlm field ni mmg camtu.. klau ade keje kna wat smpai siap even kna keje overtime pn tp bile time tkde keje tu mmg tkde keje la mcm bonus.. mmg keje tu mcm tu.. ye kot?..

Aku pn tkde keje ni.. so aku pn google search la.. hopefully aku dan len2 dpt manfaat.. Antara wanita, isteri, ibu, wanita ni la plg tk byk kelebihan, jd isteri and ibu yg sgt sgt sgt lah senang nye nk tambah pahala.. ade 1 hadis.. isteri salam je tgn suami, gugur semua dosa2 isteri.. wah! mcmtu je? Maha pengampunnye Allah. Isteri senyum or wat muke manis bile husband blk keje, sediakan air tu mmg la sume org dah tau kot..

tgk list la plk eh..
-bg suami mkn kyg2 dpt pahala
-layan suami kt tmpt tdo dpt pahala
-lps tu plk spjg 9bln pregnant
Allah sentiasa ampunkan dosa isteri
-bile lahir je bayi sume dosa dah habis habis. double wah lg!
-klau mati time bersalin, dianggap mati syahid
-seluruh kebaikan suaminya, semuanya isteri dapat pahala tetapi dosa-dosa suami dia tak tanggung
-suami plk tkdpt pahala isteri tp kna tanggung dosa isteri
-tp bila suami ni tengah terhegeh-hegeh di titian Sirat isteri tak nak masuk syuga tanpa suaminya, so isteri pun bg pahala sket kt suami untuk lepas masuk syurga. Klau kt dunia pn isteri tlg suami dalam kesusahan apetah lagi kat akhirat.

list goes on.........

byk nye lg.. excited tk nk jd isteri? huhuu... kaum adam plk jgn takut sbb kna tanggung dosa2 isteri tu.. Allah bg amanah utk bimbing isteri dan keluarga sbb Allah tau kaum Adam mampu.. klau tk DIA tk bg nye.. kn kn?

Aku kongsi ni utk pedoman para isteri dan suami..klau isteri solehah kn ke suami pn yg dpt masuk syurga jgk.. huhu.. semangat utk jd isteri solehah…sp tknk masuk syurga kan?

taken from various source

:: apesal aku cite psl ni yeh? *confius* ::
:: aku belom kawin ::
:: dan aku tktau pn bile aku akan kawin ::
:: tak semesti nye aku dah nk kawin baru aku bole ckp psl isteri dan suami kn? ::
:: sbb nye kite ni kena selalu igtkn antara 1 sama lain ::
:: klau aku slh tlg igtkn/ btul kn ::

p/s : aku jeles kepada shbt aku oke! huhu...how lucky u r umi dah jd isteri..

25 February 2009

n-th year

This could be it
i think i'm in love
it's love this time
it just seems to fit
i think i'm in love this love is mine
i can see u with me when i'm older
all my lonely night are finally over
u took the weight the world off my shoulder
when u kiss me i know u miss me
and when u with me the world just goes away
the way u hug me the way u show me that u adore me
o when u kiss me o
u are the one i think i'm in love
life has begun
i can see the two of us together
and i'm gonna be with u forever love couldn't be any better
when u kiss me i know u miss
and when u with me
the world just goes away
the way u hug me
the way u show me

~endless love~

:: HIS love coudn't be greater ::
:: bless this two hearts ::

23 February 2009

The Chilling Spa

Sabtu d sg. chilling!

Located at Kuala Kubu Bharu.. sy menjoin monthly activity kakaku.. All together is 14pax.. Tempat tu free je masuk..Tp klau nk camping tk sure plk kna byr ke tk.. Ok la nk camping pn since they have surau and toilet accommodation..

We reach there around 1030.. The waterfall is about 1hour trekking with 4-5x river crossing.. blom smpai waterfall mmg dah basah abis lah.. hihi.. my niece and nephew plg semangat time ni la.. org soh cross je die bole plk siap berendam mcm kt swimming pool.. with ikan sume lalu2 je kt kaki.. kaki ku lebam gak r sbb terhantuk kt batu dlm air.. hukhuk..

Smpai je kt waterfall sume mcm excited nk terjun.. tp cecah je air…. Fuuuuuuuh.. haku angkat kaki blk… sejuuuuuuuk gile.. ambik mood dlu.. mkn2 dlu.. minum milo panas dlu.. 2nd trial plk masuk smpai lutut je.. saba jela tgk bdk kecik 2 org tu menyelam swim floating dgn selamba nye mcm tk sejuk lgsg! Tercabar rs nye.. aku tguu tgh hari sket kot2 la air tu pns sket sbb matahari ats kpla dah… still…mmg air btul2 bukit la kot.. aku bole masuk paras pgg je.. perut aku nipis sgt kot.. tkleh tahan sejuk gile.. hahaha…

The water fall area not so big but very chill tough.. dgn ade penjaga tu dtg and bg mkn kt ikan2 sg tu.. time die mkn tu bole la snorkel.. huuu… tp tkla sm snorkeling kt pulau… tkpe2 next activity they planning to go snorkeling kt perhentian.. or mencandat sotong kt kapas.. yehyeh..

Pic hanyalah sblm dan slps shj.. time jungle tracking river crossing and kt waterfall tkde sbb saya malu nk kua kn kamera ku yg kerdil ni.. hahaha..

:: tgn ku gatal lg.. adeh.. kali ni tk pkai sunblock pn.. ::
:: mmg la haku tk tahan dgn panas terlampau matahari.. ::

19 February 2009

Just for Fun!


this is my catch while i do blog hopping.. ;)

who says reading blog is such a waste time..

at least i found something and here i'm sharing it with u..

if i were born Japanese...

Watashi no namae... Chinatsu Ajibana! <<--- erk? china? apekah?

and love's Japanese name...
Iemochi Akamatsu <<--- xbest2 ;p

i like my niece's Japanese name... Arisa Arishima

how was it? best x ade nm Jepun? ;D

find out ur's.... here

have fun!!

18 February 2009


Dah lama tk mkn nc tomato.

nk mkn time lunch kat MAS ni tkde plk org jual nc tomato.

mlm ade ke org jual nc tomato.?

kt mn nk mkn nc tomato ni.?

kt rmh ade nc.

tomato pn ade.

tp tk sm ngn nc tomato.

naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak nc tomato. pls.


12 February 2009

Saya nk bunga

..sbb sy menjwb tag kamu ini cik amira.. hahaha...

1)When do you want to get married?
25Feb2009.. bole ?

2)What do you want the most now?
obviously... authentic coach patchwork carly purse.. hahaha.

3)Who is the person you trust the most?
my love!

4)Do you think you have enough confidence?
sometimes yes. some other times partially confidence. ;)

5)If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
i want twin baby!! yeeea..

6)Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
i believe in my destiny.

7)What are you afraid to lose right now?
to lose everything i have right now.. ;'(

9) If you meet someone you love, will you confess to him/her?
no. love no need confession. right?

10)List out 3 good points of the reason who tagged you
sbb die tktau nk tag sp dah kot.
sbb sy ade dlm blog list die kot.
sbb die tk pnh tag sy kot.

11) What are the requirement do you wish from the other half?
he can accept me as who and what i am.

12) What type of person you hate the most?
myself. whenever i broke his heart.. its awful.

13)Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
yes i do.

14) What do you think is the most important thing in your life??
mende eh? money kot.. nk byr sume utang.. huhu.

15)Do you find the needs to have a boyfriend/gf?
needs to have a bf err... guider ?

16) At this point in time, would you rather be a heartbreaker or heartbroken?
heartbroken. enough said.

17) What kind of friend do you want to be in your friend's eye?
seorg sahabat yg mithali.. hee.. ade kn?

18) Describe the person who tagged you in 6 words.
6 words eh? perempuan melayu terakhir yang suka senyum.

19) The place you wanted to go most with your loved ones?

20)I'm going to tag.

10 February 2009

i wish for...........


...to die for...
hahaha... eh xbole2... xd la smpai nk mati...

tp sy mahu sgt...


:: kamu nk beli kan kan? *batting eyelash* ::
:: thank u syg u ::

07 February 2009

Birthday Wishes




24th birthday? heee.. kasi mude sket.. ;p

06 February 2009

Dilemma seorg hamba Allah

Yesterday I had one-to-one session with my boss. We talked about workload, leave process, project management, relocation, release and a bit info of current situation on top management of my company etc…etc…

I got an issue on leave process.. haha.. I hardly agree that here in mas, we have 12 days leave per year and its include medical leave. Daaaaaaa??!!! Aku MC lg byk dr cuti yg aku plan.. For those who NEVER get sick maybe they don’t have concern about this, tp haku?? Mcm2 la kot sakit haku kn..


mereka kate ‘this is for ur own benificial’ HECK!!! Tp tkpe r.. there is on going process yg mereka masih review lg, yg bole la dterima akal sket…. sket je tau.. ;)

“Are you willing to relocate? And if yes, where you prefer?” Mr PL asked.

Haku pn jwb dgn yakin “YES”


err… China?”


haku pn tk tau apesal china yg kua dr mulut haku.. tp otak haku tk kate pn haku nk ke china.. adeh.. ah pedulikan jela.. bkn nye btul2 die nk relocate haku pn kan? kan?

Move on to company status, he gave a clear view of where are we now. He said someone will buy our company in 2 months time. And he name several company who already acknowledge their interest in buying us. Including 1 company that listed in the BOYCOT campaign. U knows who. And another texas company. He said if the texas company take over, it’ll be beneficial for us (MAS PROJECT) and the company. Becouse they do airlines. Yehuuuu.. *berangan dpt based kt texas* hahaha.. tk slh pn berangan.. tk kna bayar pon kn? Tp kite sume sedia maklum ye dgn jnji2 company ni..haha.. lu pk la sendiri..

Psl release from project ni yg menjadikan aku dlm dilemma.. I’m planning to change my job near in the future. I really into ‘that’ job. Tp mmg la tkdpt pn lg. Klau dpt definitely I will go for it.

Tu blm lg dilemma nye. Dilemma nye ialah I told him I wanna get release on May tatapi PL sy kate tk bole release from project within that time. Klau nk release either before the new phase start or after the project ended.

Case 1
  1. klau release skang (before the new phase start) sy kna blk main office.
  2. klau dpt ‘that’ job alhamdulillah.
  3. klau tk dpt sy stay idle la kt main office tu.
  4. klau company baru yg take over tu wat retrenchment sy yg idle ni la kot kna kick out dlu. Coz not billable. Nauzubillah.
Case 2
  1. if I stay in this project till September (after the project finish)
  2. within that period i gt call for ‘that’ job
  3. my PM wouldn't release me
  4. i will regret for the rest of my life.
  1. oh if I stay till the project ended sy mungkin akn memohon kpli shj utk 2010.
  2. ;)

Korg phm ke situasi ni?

Cane ye ni?

Mmg la peluang ade di mn2. but on my 2nd thought peluang hanya dtg sekali. Adeh la.

Last hope wat solat istikharah jela.

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca dilema sy.


Special Entry for UMI SYARNI

hahaha.. hambik ko.. disbb kan ko dah kecik hati ngn aku.. terpakse r aku wat gak.. walaupon aku sgt sgt sgt sgt la tk rajin.. kang klau tk wat kang ko nangis plk..huhuhu... aku tau niat ko sbnr nye nk mengenali hati budi aku dgn lebih mendalam kan? kan? wakakaka...

let see what we got down here.....

Rules : Use Google image to search the answers to the question below. Then you must choose a picture of the first page of results, and post it as your answer.

The Age of Next Birthday:
the berries minus 9 represents my next birthday. pls do some calc ya! heee
owh i love this cake. can someone bake for me? ;D

Places I'd like to visit:
klau di-izinkan-Nya

A Favourite Place:
no specific mall. i lurve mall! hahaha

A Favorite Food:
the only thing i can imagine right now

Favorite Things:
oh my lust! *heart heart*

A Nickname I have:
not the lady pls.
hye i'm not aware there's a place name after my name. haha!

Name of My Love:

every woman in the world loves! rite?

A Bad Habbit:
i have a very bad mind setting. i hardly think positive.

My Wish list:
i want 2! 1 for me and 1 for him. hee

Next person who get the honor is
klau tk buat sy nk merajuk! ;D

p/s: sbnr nye ade lg 1 tag from cik reebellerina. tp t'lupe la.. tgu die kate die kecik hati kalau aku tk wat baru aku wat..hahaha..

03 February 2009

i thought....


Oh. I doubt that.

Life is not easy.


p/s: klau mintak mati tak baik, dosa kn? klau mintak mati syahid tkpe kot.

02 February 2009

Impian Saya

Saya rasa saya nak pergi Palestin la.

Saya rasa saya nak sangat tolong org2 yg jd mangsa kekejaman Israel.

Mudah2an Allah makbulkan doa saya dan org2 yg doakan saya ni.

Kalau saya dapat pergi Palestin saya nak mati syahid kt sana.