02 January 2010

Another chapter in my life....

betul ke? betul ke ni? for real? i'm engaged?? hahaha... mcm xpecaye tau tak... siries tak tipu... i'm happy and i'm thankful.. looking forward for something big.. (^_^)

thank you everyone who making this happen esp. my fiance (err does it sound odd? at least to me), my family, my mother, my brothers (abg, upik, ayen, ajid) and sisters (kak yong, kak lily, nurul), my brother and sister in law (abg mizi, abg baha, kak ani, kak mala), my nieces and nephews (anis, firdaus, ami, sabrina, akmal, danish, iman aishah, firas) my friends (wahida, mira, zahratun), my officemate (reendu, wawa, intan sara).. thank you guys!! and not to forget mr photographer elmo & pakya... and special guest dina n yana... thank u!!!!

oh. thanks juge kpd rakan2 yg mengirimkan pesanan ringkas.... i do appreciate all!!! ;D

sile la tatap gamba2 yg ade....


today is 02 jan 2010.

today is the day.

today is my engagement day!!!

yeah ppl.. its like less than 6 hours..

my feeling? sgt penat i can say... and before subuh lg dh spend time dlm toilet.. hahaha... nervous? saket perot? evrything ade skng ni... (*-*)


p/s: hopefully everything will goes well..