27 June 2008

27th june

it was soo sweet what u've done. appreciate that however i'd love if it's only u. special n valuable rite dear? ;D and thanks for the dinner. and the cake!

:: sorry for the waiter, gets scolded by the cashier ;|

10 June 2008

all in one.shot

Almost 3weeks since my last post. hurm. lots and lots of things happen to me. bad =( and good =) let's start with the bad one. huuu.

fri, 30th may --> im not feeling very well today. told laila that im not coming to office. around 12 go to clinic to get m.c and doc said that i've low blood pressure. huuu~

sat, 31st may --> my ummi wedding =) me, kiah, azi, bob, asrul and fellas go to her reception ceremony ~ kuala kangsar ~

raja sehari and me

oke x? hihhi

thu, 5th june --> admitted to hospital serdang due to allergy to medicine the doctor prescribe on 30th may. ~ hwaaaa sakit bangat ~

fri, 6th june --> my brother's nikah ceremony. and him go for perhentian trip. *i missed to go there* snob snob*

new family member

the big family

sat, 7th june --> the kenduri. happening! going back to kl around 3ish. at night v having bbq! huu. don't have to go al the way to perhentian to enjoy bbq. weee.

that's all till here. fullstop.

:: fair enouf *bad = good* thingy so i am neutral =|