08 August 2008

Prosperous 8


beautiful isn't it? thousand of ppl around the world choose to portrait this day as something sweet to remember. couples get married. get engaged. and for chinese they do believe that 8 is a lucky number for them. it's a symbol of wealth, prosperity...

but for me, it's just another day to breath, another day to be a better person... nothing special on this date.. yet, i'm happy today! ;D

p/s: we do not know if we stil had another chance to wake up in the morning, hence, show ur love every single day...

p/s love: i love u. so much.



who do u think u are?

looking for others mistakes. simply put accuse on people.


:: i'm sorry. i've been thinking so much. i'm in mess. i seriously need therapy or something on how to manage my anger, how to get rid of negative mind, learn how to appreciate.............i'm sorry. i really am.

01 August 2008

congratulation Mohd Zaki Anuar & ...errr...bride!

i got wedding invitation to attend tomorrow 2nd aug. it's my schoolmates, actually he is the 1st person who get married from our batch officially.. there are 1 or 2 who already get married but we all didn't get invited so.... assuming this is the 1st one.. ;p and i'm looking forward to gather with long-lost peeps, catching up gossips or something... lalalala ;D *missed all those things*

so yesterday i go surveying a present for the new couple.. *it's always a headache for me to get a wedding present, i don't want something common like dining set or coffee set, which is they absolutely will get more than a set of them*


i end up with this set, well something like this.. hope they'll like it.. ;) *it's bathroom set! they just cute.. aren't they?*

UPDATES!!! (4th Aug)

me too lazy too create new entry soo i'll just updates here.. ;p *pls excuse me for the lazyness*

so here is the big day...

Back from left: zulhelmi, siddiq, hamidin, rafi, moja, alif, atoy, jerip, sidang,
shima, shahida, syazana, bb, farouk
Sit from left: cece, wawan, akek, wan, wahida, wani, sara

With the bride: wahida, sara, me, wan, shima, wani, shahida, syazana

there are some left behind... makan lg lm dr pengantin.... haaaiiissh!
actually i'm not feeling so happy, it's just 7 of us who really make it.. where are the rest?? look forward to gather with u girls.. hukhuk