31 July 2008

crazy in love.....

A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! what a wonderful song and amazing voice.... *don't u think so..?*
crap! it just stuck in my mind.....

sister sisters

some says we just like copycat.....

and somehow i kind of admit it... ;D

30 July 2008

29th of JULY

for him...

i'm happy bcoz he's happy ;D

Hugs and Kisses *ngeee*

i got lots and lots of love

nothing much to write... it's all inside me.. lol..

:: reach home at 3am, and have to wake up at 7am, gosh i should have 10hours bedtime! ... ~!@#$%$^%*^
:: lg sgt2 mengantuk!
:: ;D

08 July 2008

an extra-ordinary day...

hummmphh i woke up @ 0620 this morning which is sumthing unusual *as i always wake up @ 0640 sharp! everyday* with help from duffy of course! =D
after freshing up and get dressed.....i...prepare a-very-simple-n-lazy breakfast....*very typical me heee* as i cannot skip my meals nowadays ++ i siriesly have to save a lot!

ouch! i missed the super-duper-extra-ordinary part which is my keyssss... i grab my bag and ready to go.. shut the door and....... oh God i left my keys inside and i locked outside *how was it hu?* haaaiissh is this a sign of bad day for me?? no no no dont wanna ruin my day so i just leave it at least till i get back from the office.. *waaa is my life that simple? ngeeee*
as i leave home it's raining outside *makes me feel like to jump under my-very-warm-pink-printed-blanket and enjoy the morning coldness.. pheww i'd loved to do that*
dropped him @ sheraton hotel him having Top Gun course *sounds like kind of military stuff hahaha*
1st thing i did upon arrival was pekena milo tarik *yeah feels soo heaven having hot beverage on super cold-heavy rain outside*
i got not so much work to do today so i do reading.. wonder what i read? things that never come into my mind before POLITICS.. i'm not kind of person who really interested in those kind of stuff but because today was extra ordinary ;)) so i try to search and get some idea for whats happening in malaysian politics today.. i do read a lot article of DSAI, Saiful, even his fiancee.. gosh i dont know who's telling the truth.. both are pretending to be cool.. to prove they're not guilty.. fuuuhh so much input today.. and i fell fizzy.. ngeng..
leaving d office @ 6ish fetch him and balik rumah laa.. but... how do i get into my locked room??
huh! luckily he was there...so we try to open the door *using all inspector gadget stuff hahaha* but its not working...end up we use the professional way...heee.. sepak je pintu tu... nah.. open sesame.. :D thanks honey for ur help! i'll treat u.. tomorro we'll watchin hancock boleh?
u see what happen..

:: what a dirty politics of malaysian.. feel sorry for them.. or should for me?.. or for malaysia?...