26 May 2008

innocent me...

*phew* this is my 2nd post.. thank God i still made it.. huhuhu.. not soo bad rr this blogging-thingy.. yet not soo-addictive.. =))

25may --> dem-bad-day *but it isn't the day or the date is bad, its the chinese guy who's really $%*&@^%@! *
the traffic is badly-jammed so why don't u drive carefully and be patient??? though it's ur fault, stil im the one getting scold! arrghhh!! *and me also ngeng coz let him go just like that* stupid me*

malang ++ lg coz my luvly M doesn't work *my fault again coz didn't bring the charger* and u said that fon is not important* huh!

reach home at 730+ , told him about the accident and not surprisingly, getting scold again.. *snob snob* actually this is 2nd time happens to me and thats why he's soo mad..

:: God pls forgive whatever sin i've done.. i'm not perfect..

23 May 2008

in the name of GOD, most GRACIOUS most MERCYFUL

hurm.. hurm.. hurm.. hurm..
how to start? where to start? hurm....
eyh why i'm doing this blogging nyway? im not kind of person who
love-to-write, i never write dairies though.. and i never good in writing *malay nor english*..
sarah said she do blogging bcoz she want to share with other what she did/ taught.. and i think most ppl got the same reason rite? or maybe some ppl use this platform to express their feelings *love/ angry/ sad/ happy/ etc*... err, but me? i dont share my feelings with everybody.. sooo why am i doing this? anyone? pls gimme an answer..? ? ?
this is my very 1st try, or its the last.. huhu.. it could be rite? only God knows.. =))