25 September 2008


semalam kn..

after keje kan..

temankn dear kan..

pegi kan..

hamek kan..



die nih...!

meet 'Odie' --> bb's new ride

i'm suppa duppa hepi..!!!yey!! keta buruk ku bole la rest in peaces.. huhuhu..

and i've given d honor to be d first drive die ni
given ke? sbnr nye org tu terpakse bg kot.. ;D* i drove all d way back, about 20km je kot, tp tah bp kali tah enjin mati.. ;( adeh! malu je plus takut gak dear marah, ye r dah beria sgt nk drive pastu asik mati je, tp tk marah pon.. ;D

tp still bole di
excuseekan la kn for me yg bp kali je penah bwk manual ni... err, kan? yg bb pon bole gak mati enjin tu np eh? it was unacceptable dear! hohoho..

14 September 2008

13 of Ramadhan

today is 13th day of fasting month for muslim. seems like me myself and my stomach get used to not-to eat daily instead i eat once a day, berbuke shj sbb t'lepas sahur plus i'm getting skinnier ;((

the best part coming to this holy month is break-fast!! and terawih of course! and God's forgiveness and save $$$ tho ;)

love the break-fast preparation.. eyp we cook oke! =p yaya, reen and me.. on wednesday we have ikan sambal *err at first nk msk sweet sour tp end up len plk yg jd nye. looks like 1st trial failed. heee* the next day we have tomyam ayam by yaya! ;) and yesterday i prepared puding caramel, udang lemak cili padi secret recipe by his mom. *still need more practice ;D*

haish. we think it's a bit silly sbb time2 pose la plk kan nk blaja masak. hohoho. but at least we got the effort, aren't we? 17 more days of fasting, lot's of menu to try and practice.. ;D *tk pose tk bole practice kah? no no no. mls. lalalalala*

as planned before today we'll having break-fast at Bagan Lalang. Paradise of Seafood Mania!! look forward for yummylicious crab, irresistible shrimp, and anything so-called SEAFOOD! ;D *fuuuh!
sesungguhnya saya berpuasa pada hari ini. hahaha.*

12 September 2008


i'm craving for Baskin Robbins..! it's been 2 days.. ;(
tk kire! tonight i'm getting Baskin Robbins with or without u!

11 September 2008

The 14th




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