30 December 2008

Adios 2008.....Welcome 2009

I was surrounded by lovesss & happinessss… Most of the good news is for people that I know, people that I care, people around me… Yes it’s u people that i'm happy for..

Just to name some: my brother get married, my bestfriend's wedding, my friend maria and shauqi getting engaged, my sleeping partner's engagement, my colleagues anuar and aizat getting married....... and i'm expecting for new family member soon in march... yippie!!

and just a few hours back i read that Aizat and Ana soon became parents too!! Congrats to both of u... and Anuar too... they're very3 fast i tell u! hahahaha....

and list goes on......

Love Engagement Love Wedding Baby Love

ahh…What’s more happier than this people?

When it comes to this, I just can’t tell my self to be more patience… but i’m sure the perfect moment will come..... sooner or later….Insya-Allah…..or..…… agrrhhh!

What makes me happy this entire year eh?

Someone gets new ride.. i’m happy.. Someone spends a lot on someone’s ride.. i’m happy too….


only shoes that cure me. only shoes that understand me.


I hope for more miracle that make me happy.


22 December 2008


IP Man mmg sgt BEST!
*two thumbs up*


Oh my!

i'm exhausted.

i really am.

sbb-nye. saya mengambil masa lebih-kurang 3stgh jam utk ke sunway pyramid yg jarak-nye hanya-lah lebih-kurang 10km dr tempat saya tinggal.

sbb-nye. itu-lah yg kite nk tau nih. ye dak?

sbb-nye. dari rmh saya menuju ke bandar tasik kesuma, semenyih kemudian saya ke taman melati, gombak dan kemudian ke taman tun teja, rawang dan kemudian baru smpai ke sunway pyramid.


rs cam dah pusing 1mesia je arini. apesal tah jauh gile perjalanan-nye tah. haih.

ooh kami ke pyramid ice tadik. sgt-lah penat. dah-lah bwk ank2 buah yg sgt-lah hyper. letih + pening. nasib baik-lah saya seorg mak buah yg berkaliber. hahahahaha. terima kasih juga kepada pembantu saya. thanks ya. letih ye tkpe-lah practise utk jd bpk buah plk. hehee.

siries jauh sampai mereka bole siap tdo lg! bole camtu ek?


time ni masih bole senyum lg

time ni sudah cam sotong je letih-nye

Nighty Nite!

12 December 2008


i watched Transporter3 couple of days ago..

it's...............ooooh...... aghhh...... ummmph......

my lord! i'm speechless. if u guys follow Transporter1&2 then it's a must to not-to-miss this one! in fact it's waaaaaay better than James Bond QOS.. plus Jason Statham what a name lah kan? look younger compared to Danial Craig *my personal point of view lah no offend to anyone eyy*

he only have 1 face expression but everything is there! he's cool, gorgeous, hot, sexy, sharp, calm, the botak-ness... haih *melting*

but i didn't expect he could be a romantic type of person... well, he still a guy.... hihihi

sa-ya adalah me-nonton dgn en. Asrul jd-nya sa-ya ti-daklah menun-jukkan seba-rang tanda-2 sa-ya excited. Ja-di nya en. Asrul si-la download cpt atau-pon en. Asrul akan di-heret utk me-nonton utk ka-li ke-2. heeeeee ;P

I give 9 and 3 quarter for Xporter3! =)

where is another quarter?? i just cant give 10 over 10. Nobody's perfect so do Transporter3! huhuhu...

oh wait, i know where it goes ---> the chick is not hot! :D
xpecaya tgk nih..........

p/s: love, i love u the most! *love struck*

04 December 2008

Fed Up of Living In A Box?

as i drove to office the other day....

i saw this



can anybody tell me what's the message / concept they trying to convey?
klau korg paham ler... tlg la pk sm2 aku...


klau dok dlm benda tu mmg la aku tau fed up.. tp mnde org dok dlm menda tu...

nak je aku call no tu tp takut je pape kang... hahaha...

03 December 2008


have u ever been happier than this?

surely we all have one of that moment... well at least once..
aku tau kwn2 ku sume gile b'gamba.. esp. hid & lela.. huhuhu... ;p

SONY is having Pictures of Happiness Contest!!!

who knows sharing your happiness might win u a SKINNY-T?
xdpt ixus dpt sony t77 pn cool what... kn siti nurhidayah...kn? kn? free lg.. heee...

ouh! it cost u nothing and u get a gadget! sounds great huh, no? ;p

let's hit this...

01 December 2008

Wedding Lagik!

Best Wishes for ASHIKIN & HUBBY

May GOD bless Your Marriage

Be A Good Husband and Wife!


p/s: Lela aku sudah redeem dr tuan oddie! heee... ;)