14 October 2009

Current Mode

one of my wish list were answered.

but i'm not happy.

i don't even know is it good or bad.

but i feel :'( about it.

life will be different after this.

or maybe i'm not ready yet.

haish. ppl never be thankful.

13 October 2009

Life is

life's been ok. nothing much to complain. but ok is just not enough.

if only i could get other job with better pay...
if only i could pay less for car monthly repayment so that i'd have extra to save...
if only i could have kelisa rather than city...
if only i could find 1 day in 365days to gather everyone...
if only the process is not that complicated...

ok. stop complaining.

thank GOD i stil get paid every month end.
thank GOD i have enough to stuff my stomach.
thank GOD i have my love.
thank GOD i got a car.
thank GOD the process is halfway done.
thank GOD everyone willing to give a hand.
i'm praying that everything will go smoothly.
everyone is planning to get married.

i got more reason to smile. ;D

p/s Pn Hid: congrats babe!!!!! take a good care of yourself and little one!
p/s Redzman & Rohani: Congratulation Newly Wed!